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Reading and Writing Class July 2, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in English Learning.

Name   : David Efendi (David)

Class    : A

Reading and writing Class; Robert Boom




I would like to share with you information about my New English Class in The University of Hawaii at Manoa, English Special Program. My new class has two instructors or teachers: Robert Boom and SuLing Len. They are nice teachers, hopefully. I call this class with the English-Asian Class but the real name is A Class. Why I call this class English-Asian is because the members of this class are all from Asia. We are 9 persons who came from four different countries. Lets see the details: 4 people from Indonesia, 2 persons from China, 2 persons from Vietnam, 1 person from Thailand.

We are lucky because in the first day of our course we already collected data about our names, married statues, birthdays, chidren, jobs, fields of study, hometowns, and so on. In this writing I will categorize my classmates based on the nationalities, family background, jobs, and fields of study in UHM.

First of all, nationality background. We have four different countries here. The persons who came from Indonesia are Sam, David, Hasymi, and Erni. Hoi and Quy are from Vietnam while Sherly and Yuping are from China so we can say Chinese. And the most  wonderful girl is who came from Thailand: Mattana. She is single and  only one from Thailand.

Second is family background. Most of us are married, except Sherly and Mattana. Sam has 2 sons, Hasymi has 2 daughter, Hoi has one daughter, Quy has one daughter, Erni has one daughter, and me? Yes I have one child. While Yuping has no children yet.

Third is jobs background. We can categorize their job in three categories, NGO worker, civil servant or Government employee, and private institution. Sam and Hasymi are lecturers in state institution in University. Mattana is the teacher in Senior High School and Hoi is a government employee. Quy is also a civil servant as a museum researcher in Lang An, Vietnam. The NGO workers are David in Parliement Watch Yogyakarta, Yuping works for Partnersip Community Development (PCD), Sherly works in Mountain Institute. Erni is one of the lectures in a private institution in East Indonesia. I know about Erni and I see she is a cheerful mother.

And last but not least is our field of study. The University Hawaii at Manoa has many great departments so that we are going to study in several field of studies. But same of us have the same field of study, such as: Hoi, Yuping, and Sherly in Urban and Regional Planning. Erni and Sam take Asian Studies. For the rest of us, Hasymi is going to study in Public Administration, David in Political Science, and the last but not least is Mattana who is going to study in Curriculum Studies.

In addition, there are three persons who had experience going abroad before staying in Hawaii. First, Mattana is wonderful girl, because she is a seconday school teacher in a remote area in Vietnam. A few year ago, she went to the UK for 3 weeks. Second, Sam had “sandwich” Program to the Australia several years ago. And Yuping who already visited Philipina and Thailand in his work. Who next wants to visit the others country? Lets go!

To conclude, although we are different in many things, we all have the same goal in the future. All uf us really want to go back to our country and build the better situation.


UHM, June 28,2010



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