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Speaking and Listening Class July 2, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in home work.

David Efendi (David)

A Group

Speaking & Listening Class; SuLing Len


Thing I did well Things I’d like to improve
  1. Self confidence
  2. Eyes contact
  3. Interview classmate
a. To Organize my speaking

b. To use word transitions

c. Grammar accuracy

d. to speak english fluently

e. Vocabularies (words choices)

f. Speed of speaking

g. Pronunciation

1. How I feel doing this assignment

Honesty, it was nice activity for me. I like doing interview very much. I seldom give presentation any materials with English language so that it was new challenging and experience for me. I interest with this activity as basic communication skill and I am pretty sure this will help me in doing my academic course next fall 2010. I really worry if can do my best when I take some academic course in my field of study. In this class. I am going to try to reduce my weakness.

2. What I learned from the assignment

I learnt much things from my classmates presentations because in this class most of them can speak english fluently with grammar accuracy and only they used word transition. Beside that, I also listened carefully hot to pronounced some difficult words. The feedbacks from our teacher actually very clear and make sense in order to we can understand what the weakness from our presentation and what must to be done to enhance our English.



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