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American Culture Journal July 13, 2010

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David Efendi

A Class

Listening and Speaking Class, SuLeng Len

American Culture Journal

July 12, 2010



Two weeks I am staying at Honolulu: University Hawaii at Manoa, Hale Manoa, Save Way, China Town.

I FELT            :

First is Aloha! For the first time I hear from American said Aloha in this place. I heard in my country but not from native people of Hawaii. Quite different I thought. When I have no idea about the gate way in Honolulu Air port, I came and asked some official there even my English was difficult to understand He tried to understand what I said and then help me to found out the way to exit from airport. In Hawaii, American people easy to say Hi, hey, hello, good morning etc.

The second one is Right side. It is completely different when we walk in the street, in my Home country we have to take a left side and also the bus, car, and another transportation. In this USA, we have to take in the right side. That’s why I got little bit confuse if I walk around the UHM. Several times, I almost collided with another pedestrian. And I just say sorry, and she said, never mind, or no problem.


Because I never went abroad before, so I can learnt much things in USA, in Hawaii especially. For my two weeks experience in Hawaii I suddenly conclude that American people are friendly and really helpful. I also learnt that the bad stereotype about western culture was not only totally wrong perception but also not fear.



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