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Journey To the Past July 14, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in home work.

David Efendi

Good afternoon, everyone. I appreciate the opportunity to be able to speak to you this afternoon.

Milions people love this place much. This small city is really beautiful and charming. Every year thousands people visit and enjoy this places. From the reliable data, every day 1500-2500 tourist visit there and in the weekend day 4000-6000 visitor come to Jogja, and in the long holiday more than 30,000. We call this place by Yogyakarta Special Province. The one of the oldest city in Indonesia.

Today, I am going to talk about how Yogyakarta become a favorite and famous place for the domestic as well as the international tourist.  We will explore it’s unique political status, natural beauty, the heritages, and foods.

The first point, I will share you about the unique of political status of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the Modern Kingdom called Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat, was built on 1756.

  1. In history Kraton Yogyakarta against the Dutch colonial( 1825-35). Pangeran diponegoro was the leader of this war
  2. Yogyakarta as a special province in contemporary Indonesia has an autonomy of kingdom until today, Land reform, government, and taxes. You know, all the land in this province is land of kingdom called sultan ground.

The second one is about its heritage. There are several legacy from the past generation such as : the biggest temple called by Borobudur Temple (825 M), and the highest temple called Prambanan temple. Yogyakarta also has more than more than 10 Museums: Wayang Museum, National Museum, Dirgantara Museum, Musium Batik, Seni seno, etc. you can enjoy the shadow puppet every weeks and sometimes there are several special program in shadow puppet.

Yogyakarta as always cunducts the Nusantara Kingdoms Festival every two years. Kraton Yogyakarta invite the other districts or provinces that in the past time were governed by local kingdom.

The another things is that Yogayakarta provide The Best Universities and Higher Education e.g.UGM, UNY, UIN,UMY. Academy: Stikes, Sailing, etc.

After you all know about the political status and the legacies from past time generation. Now I will talk about the natural beauty of Yogyakarta.

Beside Yogyakarta has several beautiful and exotic beaches like Parangtritis Beach,. Krakal Beach, Pandansimo Beach, Depok Beach, Yogyakarta also has a Merapi Mountain, active volcano but not so danger I think so you can go for hiking, Camping, Climbing, enjoying the Hot water, merapi view, and also you can meet and learn with traditional community in the mountain over there.

The last but not least, you can not forget this part is about the favorite foods in this my sweet hometown. We have several food also actually but the most wanted foods are Gudeg and Bakpia Patuk that so sweet food as like you can see a sweet girl in the beach. You have to try it then. Oke!

To sum up, Yogyakarta Special Province will give you much experiences about the traditional and modern kingdom and also its legacy. We can learn about everything from the past time generation. In addition, you can enjoy visiting this really good place to explore the beauty nature of Yogyakarta.

Trust me! Visiting Yogyakarta make you get satisfactory in your long holiday or weekend and also give you much experiences in your life. Thousand people said that visiting Yogyakarta is something like journey to the past because of its legacies in its beauty.



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