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“Secret Wonders of Our Country” July 15, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in home work.

David Efendi (David)

A Group

Speaking & Listening Class; SuLing Len


“Secret Wonders of Our Country”

Thing I did well Things I’d like to improve
  1. Well Prepared
  2. Note cards
  3. Visual aids( pictures)
  4. Self confidence
  5. Eyes contact
  6. Well organized in outlining
a. To organize my speaking

b. To use word transitions

c. to use better in grammar accuracy

d. to speak fluently

e. To speak loudly and clearly

1. How I feel doing this assignment

Surely, I paid any attention what SuLeng said, “If we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail”. This sentence make me think and think how to prepare my speech. Sametimes I really worry about my English because I get same difficulties for example in using transition word, word choices, and grammar. Then, I keep my spirit to fight with this concerns. I am happy because I can use same visual aids to help my weakness in public speaking.

2. What I learned from the assignment

First, According to my a little experience, self confidence, more practice are more important in public speaking. We can make our pronunciation better if we are really confidence to delivery our speech in front of the audiences.

Second, I learn from my friends who can delivered their speech better than mi. this is also make me understand how to improve and how to do better in the near future. My friends give me much time and many things to me to improve my public speaking.

And last but not least, I got more confidence in doing speech and this is really important thing in my future to dealt with my academic purposes. I will try and try anymore.



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