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“ give away” July 20, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in home work.

David Efendi
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“ give away”

Staying at Halemanoa-UHM is one of the my big opportunity in my life. I can say, lucky me because of ‘a give a way shelf’ here. You know, for the first time I saw the give a way place I liltle surprise. I saw same book, utensil, clothes, and so on in the place beside the lift in Hale Manoa every floor. Oh my goodness I said. How can I take it without knowing people who give it. I could not thank to same one. It is amazing to me and maybe my friends from same country.

I did not know the historical of give away exactly that’s why I write this culture as new culture I ever seen in this place. I really want to find out this really interest thing. For this reason I tried to ask this word in online macmillan dictionary. A give away means, “to provide someone with something that you no longer want or need”. I got little understand about this world but I am still in doubt because they provide many things that really usefull for others. In my mind said, why they did not sell or give to friend. I am traying to ask same one but they did not answer clearly because they (my friends from my country) just assume it.

What I got from ‘give away’ culture are so many things such as: utensil, books, kitchen tools, magazines, headset, document folder, and so on. For me as newcomer or freshman here these things are really important and useful.

I have special story about books that I take from give away. For the first time I got several book in Hale Manoa. I only got 3 books that time. One day, Pak Dzul, my friend from Indonesia, invited me to go to Moore Hall in the Saturday afternoon. After arriving in that building, in 5 floor exactly. I was surprising because we saw many books, more than 60 books in 4 boxes for free or give away from professor. That is amazing to me and also pak Dzul because he need it very much.

After that moment, we are searching a give away books in others building every day after English class and also in the early morning. Can you imagine that? We are hunting for free books like hunting the wild animal in the jungle. It is make us laugh each other and we enjoy Hawaii with its give away. Now, I collect more than 70 books from a give away ‘party’. Thanks god its give way.

My friend asked to me, “Hi, David, how about the give away today?“. directly I answered, “So far so good”. I smiled to him.  I like give away so much, do you?. That’s my nice story in this beloved place, Hawaii.



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