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“ USA Classroom Culture” July 27, 2010

Posted by lapsippipm in English Learning.

David Efendi

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Little thing about:

“ USA Classroom Culture”

Different country has different classroom culture. I am enjoying the USA classroom especially in Hawaii. Now, I would like to share to you about my nice experience here about the relationship between the teacher and students and  the class value. This two things I tell as my personally understanding.

Two months ago before I went to the USA IIEF conducted the multiculturalism in the world. They told us about how the education in the s USA is and also how different with our country has. One thing that I really remember from that lesson is what Socrates said, “Education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire. This wish word I think have the deep meaning in the education system in the West. And at that time, I expected then some time I will enjoy this class modal.

What I am going to tell you is in the USA we can easy make appointment with our lecture or teacher even by email. They are very flexible and cooperate with their student. They are also easy to give us suggestion or advise to solve student’s problem. If I compare with the relationship between teacher and student in my home country it is quite different because over there we are difficult to meet our teacher or professor. We are uncommon and seems impolite if we send email or Call/SMS our lecture. in simple word, our relation is not so good or very formal. In USA, as long as I know, we can make an appointment easy by email and they are friendly to answer our letter (email).

The other thing is class value. In USA classroom, participation in the class is really appreciate and has high value. They welcome about the other opinion even it is extremely different or opposite with what the professor has. Equality between students in the class is one of the USA classroom style. So we no need to worry about the stupid question or same thing like that. In our home country, talk to much in the classroom is rather impolite and its not good for our lecture or teacher. What teacher said is true and student could not defense it. As consequence, the students only get a limited knowledge from one resource: teacher. This situation is opposite with what Socrates said, because education is filling a vessel.

Hale Manoa, July 26,2010



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