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In the Name of Allah March 16, 2011

Posted by lapsippipm in Poems.

In the Name of Allah

By David Efendi

Today is your birthday,

You may happy and sad in the same time

Happy because you are given the enough time from Allah so far

Sad because your times has already passed for years

I also feel both when I did the same thing

But, whatever we are filling today

I myself will be glad to say : Happy Birthday my Beloved wife

I will give you the very best love I ever had.

It is only for you forevermore…

Like what you wrote a years ago, ‘we will never fall a part’ until the last breath.

This love from Allah exactly, and return to Him any time

So keep “syukur” to Allah, do the best, keep life healthy

and also educate our son as much as and as good as we can do.

If we do accordingly, Allah will gives us a good reward in the here after

I believe in God, that is why I believe everything what Qur-an says

No doubt about that.

Again Happy return to your day you was born,

Have a nice day with my beloved Hafiz. Finally, just be creative in your life about whatever you have to do.

With the best Love

Abbie, Hawaii, USA, March 17, 2011



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