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student homesickness July 21, 2010

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Ten helpful hints to beat college student homesickness

College students experience homesickness often. Here are some beneficial tips for dealing with these feelings.

Adjusting to a new campus, roommate, expectations, courses, and routine takes a fair amount of time and patience. By nature, we tend to resist change and struggle to hold on to familiar surroundings like the comforts of home, family, and friends. If you’re struggling to beat the blues, here are ten homesickness helpers to pick you up.

1. Get involved!

Social groups and events are a core part of your college experience. Just glance at a campus calendar or student newspaper to find out what’s happening at your school. Attend a sporting event, concert or campus sponsored program.

2. Do something you enjoy!

Almost everyone has a favorite hobby, sport, or past time. Go on a morning run, read a good book, add some pages to your scrapbook, paint, or shoot some hoops. Doing something you enjoy will add some happiness to your day and take your mind off of thinking of home. If you don’t think you have a hobby, college is a perfect place to try something new and find out more about what you like and what you’re good at.

3. Get organized!

Take some time to keep track of what’s going on everyday. A planner, notebook or pad of sticky notes can help you remember important stuff like homework due dates, assignments, plans for the weekend, and where to meet for your next blind date.

4. Go out with a friend!

A trip to the local ice cream hang out or pizza joint can cure most anything. An older student or someone you can confide in can help make your transition from home a little easier. You might even discover your friend is struggling with the same problems as you.

5. Keep in touch with your family!

Keeping in touch with your parents or little sister you spent the summer with will help both of you adjust to your move to college. But if writing a letter is too cumbersome and the cost of regular phone calls is the reason for your ten day fast, it’s probably time to make use of more modern technology. Send e-mail to each other or set up your own web site for correspondence from friends around the country.

6. Write in a journal or diary

Here’s your next assignment in Homesickness 101: Try writing in a journal or diary the next time you are feeling down. Don’t worry, spelling and punctuation won’t count on this one. Just write down what’s on your mind and express some of your worries and fears. Over time, you can reflect on what you wrote and see how far you’ve come.

7. Volunteer!

Forget about your problems by giving service to others. You could volunteer to work with students at an elementary school or serve as a Big Brother or Big Sister. You will build new relationships and enjoy the satisfaction of helping others.

8. Visit some place new!

Catch the bus to see a new side of town or plan a weekend get-away with friends. Exploring your new home-away-from home will add some excitement to the daily grind of classes and coursework. You may even meet new friends or find a favorite hang out.

9. Contact an old friend!

Going separate ways after high school graduation can be a little depressing. After all, these are your friends you’ve grown up with, survived the last four years of high school with, and shared experiences with like your first kiss, Mr. Boring’s history class, prom and lots of other high school memories. But however far apart for school, your friendship isn’t over. Plan to do something with your old friends when you are home during a break. You will look forward to the reunion and enjoy remembering old times together.

10. Set goals!

A little homesickness is normal as you adjust to your new school and surroundings, but you can’t let it dampen your spirit. Now is a good time to remember your dreams and think about how much you can accomplish with a little effort and hard work. Write down what you want to accomplish and commit yourself to working towards your goals. Your attitude and confidence will improve as you progress.

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Homesickness July 21, 2010

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College life can be a big adjustment. Use these tips to ease the transition.
College Freshman:  How to Get Over Homesickness
Enlarge Image

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, studying abroad or going to college in your hometown – it’s natural to have a period of adjustment when you leave home. Experiencing new things and meeting different people can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Sometimes, it can make you feel a deep desire to return to the people and situations you know best.

The good news is that homesickness goes away eventually. As you gradually get used to your new surroundings, you’ll grow more comfortable. You’ll also gain a sense of confidence and independence by knowing that you can learn to adjust. Here are some tips to help ease your transition.

Accept that things will be different, but different isn’t bad or wrong. Part of maturing is learning to be flexible in different situations, so this is all part of the process of preparing you for a fantastic future.

Bring a piece of home. Pack special items that remind you of home and give you comfort like your pillow, stuffed animals, pictures, posters, music, and specialty food items.

Focus on what you’re gaining. Instead of thinking about everything you’re missing, focus on what you’re gaining by being away. Think about all the new experiences you can share with friends and family when you return.

Know that you’re not alone. Everyone who is new is in the same boat so find a buddy to go exploring. Walk around and learn the campus and city. The more familiar you become with your new surroundings, the more your feelings of homesickness will fade.

Keep in touch. You’re never more than a call or click away from friends and family. Make an effort to explore and learn new things about your environment so you can share your experiences with them.

Get involved. Join a club, study group, or find a part-time job that will get you involved with other people. Knowing that you will see the same faces and interact on a regular schedule helps a lot.

Plan a visit. Invite friends and family to visit you and act as their tour guide. It also helps to schedule a trip back home, but avoid going home every weekend. You’ll gain more confidence by sticking it out and finding new things to do.

Talk about your feelings. Homesickness is natural. It doesn’t mean you are weak, only that you have experienced love and security in your home life – and that’s a good thing! If you find you are having trouble coping, talk to a friend, roommate, RA, or a campus counselor. It’s important to acknowledge your feelings rather than keep them inside. You are definitely not the first student to experience homesickness, and by sharing what you’re going through with others, you’ll find even more ways to start to adjust.

My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy!


College Survival Tips
By Susan Fee

“ give away” July 20, 2010

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David Efendi
A Class
Listening and Speaking Class

American Culture Journal

“ give away”

Staying at Halemanoa-UHM is one of the my big opportunity in my life. I can say, lucky me because of ‘a give a way shelf’ here. You know, for the first time I saw the give a way place I liltle surprise. I saw same book, utensil, clothes, and so on in the place beside the lift in Hale Manoa every floor. Oh my goodness I said. How can I take it without knowing people who give it. I could not thank to same one. It is amazing to me and maybe my friends from same country.

I did not know the historical of give away exactly that’s why I write this culture as new culture I ever seen in this place. I really want to find out this really interest thing. For this reason I tried to ask this word in online macmillan dictionary. A give away means, “to provide someone with something that you no longer want or need”. I got little understand about this world but I am still in doubt because they provide many things that really usefull for others. In my mind said, why they did not sell or give to friend. I am traying to ask same one but they did not answer clearly because they (my friends from my country) just assume it.

What I got from ‘give away’ culture are so many things such as: utensil, books, kitchen tools, magazines, headset, document folder, and so on. For me as newcomer or freshman here these things are really important and useful.

I have special story about books that I take from give away. For the first time I got several book in Hale Manoa. I only got 3 books that time. One day, Pak Dzul, my friend from Indonesia, invited me to go to Moore Hall in the Saturday afternoon. After arriving in that building, in 5 floor exactly. I was surprising because we saw many books, more than 60 books in 4 boxes for free or give away from professor. That is amazing to me and also pak Dzul because he need it very much.

After that moment, we are searching a give away books in others building every day after English class and also in the early morning. Can you imagine that? We are hunting for free books like hunting the wild animal in the jungle. It is make us laugh each other and we enjoy Hawaii with its give away. Now, I collect more than 70 books from a give away ‘party’. Thanks god its give way.

My friend asked to me, “Hi, David, how about the give away today?“. directly I answered, “So far so good”. I smiled to him.  I like give away so much, do you?. That’s my nice story in this beloved place, Hawaii.

Interview (Small Risearch) July 16, 2010

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I would like to introduce our self. We are students in  University of Hawaii at Manoa. We have an assignment for my English Class. Our topic is the Rising Cost of School Supplies. I would like to ask you some question on the topic. It will take about 5-7 minutes. (Are you available……?)


  1. Do you have student in high school/middle school?

a. Yes              b. No

  1. Do you know the hot topic about the school supplies cost?

a. Yes              b. No(if no, the interviewer give some background info)

  1. Do you agree to ask students to have many electronically supplies as laptop, cell phone, and iPod?

a.Yes             b. No

  1. Which supply do you think is necessary to high school students?
    1. Laptop
    2. Printer
    3. iPod
    4. cell phone
    5. scientific calculator
    6. _______________
  1. In your opinion, what’s the advantage and disadvantage for students to own electrical supplies?
  1. To offer better education to students, do you have any idea on how to balance the education cost and school supplies?

David, Yuping, A Class

“Secret Wonders of Our Country” July 15, 2010

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David Efendi (David)

A Group

Speaking & Listening Class; SuLing Len


“Secret Wonders of Our Country”

Thing I did well Things I’d like to improve
  1. Well Prepared
  2. Note cards
  3. Visual aids( pictures)
  4. Self confidence
  5. Eyes contact
  6. Well organized in outlining
a. To organize my speaking

b. To use word transitions

c. to use better in grammar accuracy

d. to speak fluently

e. To speak loudly and clearly

1. How I feel doing this assignment

Surely, I paid any attention what SuLeng said, “If we fail to prepare, we prepare to fail”. This sentence make me think and think how to prepare my speech. Sametimes I really worry about my English because I get same difficulties for example in using transition word, word choices, and grammar. Then, I keep my spirit to fight with this concerns. I am happy because I can use same visual aids to help my weakness in public speaking.

2. What I learned from the assignment

First, According to my a little experience, self confidence, more practice are more important in public speaking. We can make our pronunciation better if we are really confidence to delivery our speech in front of the audiences.

Second, I learn from my friends who can delivered their speech better than mi. this is also make me understand how to improve and how to do better in the near future. My friends give me much time and many things to me to improve my public speaking.

And last but not least, I got more confidence in doing speech and this is really important thing in my future to dealt with my academic purposes. I will try and try anymore.